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Feeling alive

Do you want to feel more alive? more accomplished?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to challenge yourself with some mini-wins.

Sometimes we can get ourselves into ruts. Our routines and daily habits are so ingrained we just feel like we’re going through the motions of each day and not stretching out to learn new skills.

Walkup like zombies

If that sounds like you, think about something you’ve been putting off doing or even trying for fear of failure, and then one month turns into the next and the next, and there it is - another year and you never ventured forward to learn that new skill, tried that new organization, stepped into that new adventure.

When that happens, we lose our sense of self-confidence and we tend to hold back. So how can we change that? What can we do?

Let’s think in terms of brief wins. In other words if you want to gain more self-confidence and competence in something, set up a 30 Day or 60 Day specific goal of what it could be.

With your calendar/planner in hand go to the middle of September or the middle of October, and put a stake in the ground - what would you like to be proud of accomplishing? achieving?

Write that down.

Now ask yourself what are the things you need to do between now and then to achieve that? Make it a stretch goal so you are learning something new and Stretch Yourself strengthening your neural path-ways in the brain.

Ask yourself the important Why question. Why is this goal important to me? What is preventing me from not doing this? What resources or help do I need to make this goal completed in 30-60 days?

Those who are high achievers in the world gain self-confidence and stretch even more by feeling competent and consistently learning new things, thus gaining even more competence and confidence.

Look how far you’ve come in life so far. That didn’t just happen. You made that happen. Be proud and pleased at your achievements and accomplishments. But don’t decide you are all done for life, like a baked pie coming out of the oven.

What else do you imagine and dream of?

It’s only too late if you never get started!

Year of Yes

For inspiration on gaining competence, read Shonda Rimes’ book, “Year of Yes” this month.

Ms. Rimes is the prolific writer whose career on ABC brought “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Private Practice”, “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” and others to tv screens everywhere. Shonda also graduated from the same high school as I!! Marian High School, Chicago Heights, IL! I think she really paid attention in English!!

Drop me a note at and write My 30 Day Challenge or My 60 Day Challenge in the Subject Line. Tell me what you are striving and stretching into as our summer falls into …fall.

Fun, Family & Friends

Summer hasn’t ended yet. I hope you’ve been enjoying it and getting out in nature. This has been one of my most favorite summers that I can recall. We kicked it off with the 18th Annual Crummy Reunion, with 19 crummy relatives here in our town for a week.

Paddle boarding

Since then we’ve made time for sunning, swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. I even got a very dear friend of mine from LA to spend two nights with us so we could teach her how to paddle board…and she was successful!!

Also, this has been the summer to teach The Gracious Granddaughter some rudimentary aspects of beginning swimming. Kicking in the poolShe absolutely loves the water and seems to respond to the command, “Kick”. We haven’t moved on to the breast stroke, back stroke or American crawl yet. Keep in mind she just turned 10 months old this week.

But just wait until next summer!!

The days are still long. The sunsets are gorgeous and the outdoor air is calling.

Aug - Sept Calendar

What fun things can you get on the calendar before Labor Day appears?

It’s not too late…unless you don’t get started!

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