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If you could Inspire, Empower and Motivate each person on your team to achieve a higher level of success and accomplishment, how would the overall productivity of your organization positively change?

How much would your organization benefit from having employees or members who are consistently focused, productive and taking action on the Right Stuff?

Imagine how your success or the success of your team or organization will skyrocket when you have



#1 International Best-selling Author, Speaker & Trainer with Over 30 years of Experience in Leadership Effectiveness!
Trained thousands of individuals showing them the Steps to Improved Focus, Better Productivity and Targeted Action.
Creator of the “Clear Your Clutter” Productivity Program that is changing the way people work and live!

A Transformational Training Session for Your Team ($10,000 Value)

Includes the following:

  • Sue will conduct a tailored training session onsite for your team up to 3 hours
  • Identifying limiting beliefs within the team to discover what may be holding them back from reaching their full potential.
  • Increasing the Mindset of your team to become solution-oriented and innovative.
  • A Personal Assessment with each team member to determine their specific communication style, areas of strength and areas to increase effectiveness.
Sue Crum-Speaker, Coach, Author

Bonuses for Hiring Sue This Year:


Receive 100 Free Books (Value $1,495)


Three (3) follow-up 30 minute pre-arranged calls conducted after the multi-hour training session (Value $900)


Six (6) 10-minute Monday Morning Kick-start the Week Calls (Value $600)


Eight (8) Weekly Inspirational emails to help you or your staff stay focused and productive (Value $200)

Bonus Value = $3,195

“Sue is amazing as an author, speaker, coach and workshop leader. Many people have so many things going on and what Sue can do for you is get you out of overwhelm and get you calm and focused. Work with Sue today!”

Kevin Harrington

(Orginal Shark on ABC's hit TV show, "Shark Tank" and Inventor of the Infomercial - Sold $4 Billion)

Kevin Harrington, Sue Crum, Forbes Riley

“Sue is America’s Leading Authority on Clearing Clutter. One of my pet peeves is clutter — on some days I realize I actually didn’t get anything done. Sue can not only help me but can help you as well!”

Forbes Riley

(The Queen of Selling on TV - $2 Billion)

For More Information and To Discuss Your Specific Needs
For More Information and To Discuss Your Specific Needs
Jack Canfield & Sue Crum
Sue with one of her mentors, Jack Canfield, legendary Speaker & Trainer of 40+ years & Co-Creator of the #1 Best-selling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul • Author of The Success Principles • Star of the hit movie, The Secret. Jack says, "Sue gets people into action with her wit, wisdom and wonderful ideas. She helps people focus on what’s important."
Brian Tracy & Sue Crum
Brian Tracy, Personal Development Living Legend • Top Selling Author of 70 Books • Spoken for 5,000,000 people in 71 Countries. Brian says, "Sue is America's Leading Authority on Clearing Clutter."