A Message From Sue

Dear Meeting Planner:

Sue Crum Author, Speaker, Trainer

Your job of selecting the right speaker for your events is more important than ever.

My presentations are designed to motivate, inspire and empower your attendees to take action. I share with audiences specific strategies and solutions that lead them to improved focus, better productivity and targeted action. It’s not about getting more done; it’s about getting the right things achieved, while maintaining a work/life balance.

I look forward to working with you to inspire and energize your audience!


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Sue’s Most Requested Presentations

De-clutter Your Life: How and Where to Get Started for Better Productivity & Success

What part of your world is a bit out of whack? Your life? Your world of work? Your home?

In her signature presentation Sue shows individuals and organizations how they can attain SUCCESS by developing a life of improved focus, better productivity and targeted action.

Our environments (office or home) should be a space where creativity soars and we are able to operate at a productive level of excellence. The problem today is we have lost our ability to focus; everyone is busy, but are you busy getting the right things done? Sue shares the myths and mistakes people make as well as the specific steps to de-cluttering your life.

Audience members will gain inspiration, motivation and skills designed to boost their career and personal life to more success.

After this presentation your audience will:

  • Be motivated into action by moving toward a life of more focus and success
  • Learn simple, practical and powerful strategies that will transform their lives and success
  • Turn stress, overwhelm and chaos into productive energy that accentuates their success

Not Time Management, but YOU Management

Everyone has the same amount of hours each week. Yet many get much more done than others. This presentation is not about getting more done, but focuses on getting the right things done.

Sue identifies the myths and mistakes in regards to time and how to overcome those for better productivity and improved focus. Sue shows how the importance of habits and attitudes are two of the most important (yet overlooked) characteristics for achieving personal and professional success.

After this presentation your audience will:

  • Create more freedom and ability to focus so they achieve success faster
  • Find more balance and breathing space, both professionally and personally
  • Identify time wasters and time suckers and how to turn them into productivity boosters
  • Develop success strategies for taking back control of their time, schedule, and life while de-stressing and increasing their levels of energy

The Organized Leader: How to Accelerate Productivity for Yourself, Others and Your Organization

Drawing from her 30+ years of innovation and leadership experience, Sue shares the important behaviors leaders need in order to influence, inspire, and empower others, whether that be in your home, work, or community.

This presentation outlines where to begin and how to start being an authentic leader who creates a transformational impact and earns the respect of others. Sue combines her experience as a leader in several organizations, along with her years of research in organizational leadership to identify what’s important to focus on for better productivity and targeted results.

After this presentation your audience will:

  • Be inspired to instantly be more laser-focused in their roles
  • Immediately improve individual and organizational productivity
  • Develop deeper relationships with each other that lead to a collaborative culture